Single Server vs Multiple Servers

Dec 8, 2014 at 10:31 PM
We have different groups of users in our app and the question is whether creating a separate SuperWebSocket server instance for each group (from within same webapp) will improve performance over having a single SuperWebSocket server instance? By 'performance', we mean delays/interferences due to queuing up of several messages in single port/server-instance.

And another question is whether the SuperWebSockets SDK will create a new thread for broadcasting each message received from a webpage (1-to-1 message or 1-to-many message)? If yes, then wondering whether creating so many threads will have any bottleneck or performance issues irrespective of whether we use single server or multiple servers. And whether this threading will have any impact or difference in having multiple servers instead of single server.

Note: Each group of users/clients will be isolated, and an user from one group need not to communicate with another group, and so we don't have to maintain all the users information in a single server instance. The app will allow an user to switch between groups, but each group will work independently with its own set of users/clients without having to know about which users/clients have joined a different group.