How updated is this version compared with supersocket

Apr 11, 2016 at 7:17 PM
Hi ... as always I appreciate your great effort and, of course, you're great library.

I have seen that you have made many improvements and fixes to your other super library, supersocket. Keeping in mind that this library is based on supersocket library, I was wondering if those fixes and improvements are part at the time to superwebsocket library.
1) Is this library updated with those changes?
2) Are you planning, soon, to release an updated version of superwebsocket (no changes in long time)?
3) In case positive answer, what about client4websocket, will be updated?
4) and the last one, if this library is not updated with the changes applied to suupersocket and the last release, can I replace the superwebsocket with the updated version of supersocket? or doing that will break some functionalities?

Thanks for you're help ...