Can you or somebody help me or point me with this request. Cookies

Apr 11, 2016 at 7:27 PM
I have a login page, nothing fancy, that let me authenticate users against an sql database (in asp). Nobody have access to none resources at least they have been authenticated. When people is authenticated they are forwarded to a page that open a websocket and another things. Now, what I like to do is capture the validity logged data (cookie or something else, I don't know) and included as part of the websocket, in fact, I need to avoid acceptance in the port socket for users not validated previously. I have to mention, that the websocket can be or not listening in the same machine (it is most probably it listen in another machine).
In short words:
1) How to prevent user acceptance in the websocket, that has not been authenticated.
2) How to past and tell to the websocket the user has been authenticated.

Many thanks in advance.