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  • Basic Configuration
  • Handle incoming messages
  • Sub protocol
  • Command assembly
  • Built-in JSON support
  • Custom session and application
  • Built-in Flash/Silverlight policy server
  • Secure WebSocket support(wss)
  • Run SuperWebSocket on Linux
  • Troubleshooting

Users' articles


  • If my browser doesn't support websocket, can I use SuperWebSocket?
Yes, you can use Silverlight or Flash as websocket proxy to connect SuperWebSocket server. The sample code "Sampes\SuperWebSocketWeb\LiveChatWithBridge.aspx" demonstrates you how to use websocket in a non-websocket support browser. If you like flash more, I recommend the project websocket-js to you,

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This seems to be some valuable work. Thanks for the time and effort you have put in this.