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WEB Socket connection Error-Windows 10 & IIS 10.0

Dear Super Websocket, super websocket i am not connect web socket in Windows 10 and IIS 10.0 version but same thing i am connected in windows 7 and iis version 7.5 Error Get Windows-10 IIS Versi...

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TrySend is not working ,only the Send

I am using superwebsocket 1.6.6 to create a server/client app .Im testing with TrySend but nothing is being received on the client side ? I can send messages using Send and it is received successfu...

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TLS 1.2 support in SuperWebSocket

Hi, We recently happened to support server and client server certificate validation in on of our servers. Though the in windows server R2 machine we have enabled Tls1.2 protocol, we found during...

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SuperWebSocket: After restarting the program the server continues to listen a port

I'm using SuperWebSocket in my application, instance WebSocketServer with next configuration var rootConfig = new RootConfig(); var serverConfig = new ServerConfig { ...

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Failed to create an IPC Port: Access is denied.

Hi EveryOne, I am facing this issue. My use case is: I am running a Superwebsocket in a windows form application in windows server 2008 ( which is used by multiple user on share basis (remotel...

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Demo page at fails

Demo page at foes not work?

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Can't get the commands to work

Hello, I'm creating a websocket server in a asp web api project. In the beginning I did it the simple way, and everything worked well, I could send and get messages. Now I want to work with c...

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Memory leak in buffermanager(?) (SuperSocket.Common lib)

Hi, I noticed the memory kept on ricing when using the websocket server. So I did a performance and diagnostic test for the memory. Seems SuperSocket.Common.BufferManager.InitBuffer uses almost...

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when using XElement.Parse, get AppSession.cs not found

Hi, (all adjusted code and the screen dumb is in the attachment) I've been testing your code and adjusted the latest source code as followed: Projects B-SubProtocol and SuperWebSocket where set...

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Wierd oddity between a machine that is multi core and a machine that is single core

hello I'm having a weird oddity I cannot figure out. I've been developing a server for an online html5 game using websockets. I originally started out with alchemy but it has too many bugs so I tri...

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